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Image by Olga Zhushman


The home for Volkswagen Group experts is JSI European Specialist.

Volkswagen Group includes Audi, Volkswagen “VW”, Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini. We are the Audi/Volkswagen dealer alternative. We have the factory trained technicians and equipment in order to perform services and repairs to your vehicle. Whether your vehicle needs a routine service maintenance, brake service, tire mount and balance, alignment, electrical or mechanical diagnostics, coolant repair, suspension repair or any other repair count on JSI European Specialist’s state of the art facility and equipment to help you with your needs. With our training  directly from Audi we are able to properly diagnose and repair your Audi vehicle. We are able to work on all gasoline and diesel Audi or Volkswagen vehicles. We have the proper equipment to service your VW’s A/C system. At JSI European Specialist, we will be able to determine if you vehicle need an A/C system charge, if you vehicle has a freon leak or if there is an A/C component that is not properly working (Such as A/C compressor, receiver drier, condenser, evaporator, A/C hoses, or any other A/C components). We provide a 24 month parts and labor warranty on all of our work.

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