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Image by Mason Jones


JSI European Specialist has the factory approved equipment and properly trained technicians who specialize in service and repairs for your BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) vehicles.


BMW specializes in making luxurious and high performance vehicles. JSI performs the factory recommended maintenance schedule on BMWs and performs the needed repairs at a fraction of the cost that the dealer would charge you. We have the BMW experts and the equipment needed to keep your BMW going.With our over 10 years of experience on BMWs we are able to perform diagnostics, repairs and service in a quickly but efficient manner.


Some of the main concerns with BMWs are the brakes, oil leaks, check engine light (misfires), suspension, coolant leaks (overheating), A/C and power steering. Brakes tend to get noisy when the brake pad material gets low. Some of the oil leaks found on the BMWs are the oil filter stand gasket, the valve cover gaskets, the rear main seal, front crankshaft seal, oil pans, timing cover gasket, and camshaft seals. That check engine light can come on for hundreds of things, that’s why it is best to get it diagnosed by trained technicians. Suspension noises can come from countless suspension components, such as control arm bushings, ball joints, shocks and/or struts, tie rods, tires, wheels or motor mounts. We provide a 24 month parts and labor warranty on all of our work.

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